Friday, November 17, 2017

5 Massage Myths to Ignore

5 Massage Myths to Ignore - Academy Massage - Massage Therapist Winnipeg
Despite massage treatments being around for thousands of years, there are still myths that exist. It is important to learn more about these myths so that you can benefit from massage instead of believing untruths. Below are five common myths and the truth behind them so that you can better understand the benefits of massage treatment.

Soreness the Next Day Means You Received a Good Massage

This is untrue. Soreness does not dictate if you had a good massage or not. You can be sore from a massage just because or if you have been sedentary for some time. If you receive a deep tissue massage, you will be sore due to the treatment breaking up lactic acid or working on trigger points. You can also become sore if you do not drink enough water after the massage.

I Feel Fine, So Drinking Water is Not Needed

Another common myth, many individuals choose not to drink water after a massage. Water is needed to help reduce soreness as it helps to remove the waste products that were worked out of muscles by the therapists. The waste products are now in circulation and need to be flushed out of your system with water. It is also important to avoid drinking alcohol after a massage as your increased circulation will cause the alcohol to take effect quicker.

The Massage Has to Hurt to Work

This is also not true. A massage does not have to hurt to work. It is essential that a massage therapist learn how to distinguish between the discomfort of the patient and pain. A deep tissue massage can be painful but beneficial. It’s all about tolerance of the patient. If the individual is uncomfortable, then less pressure needs to be used. A good massage therapist knows the right amount of pressure to use when providing treatment, and as a patient, you should always tell your therapist if the pressure is too much or too little.

Pregnant Women Should Not Receive Massage Treatment

This is false. Pregnant women can easily enjoy a massage during all trimesters of a healthy pregnancy. A massage can be beneficial as it relaxes both mom and baby. At Academy Massage, we use special cushions to accommodate pregnant patients, so a massage is comfortable and enjoyed.  Read more about our Prenatal Massage experience here.

I Don’t Need to Tell My Massage Therapist My Entire Health History

This is also untrue. Your therapist needs to know your health history, including information on medical conditions, medications you are taking or surgeries. With this information, a massage therapist will be able to customise the massage based on your individual needs. Even if your therapist does not ask, tell them everything. Including medication you may have taken that day or issues you may be facing such as heart disease, stomach problems, etc. anything that could have an impact on your massage treatment.

Now that you know the common myths associated with massage, you can easily benefit from treatment. With the assistance of therapists from Academy Massage, you will receive a quality treatment tailored to your specific needs. Reveal your medical history and be sure to drink water after treatment so that you can enjoy the full benefits of massage therapy.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Best Kind of Massage

The Best Kind of Massage - Academy Massage Therapy - Winnipeg Massage Therapist
If you have never had a massage before, then you have no idea what you are missing! Massage treatments can benefit the mind and body, providing a feeling of relaxation as well as mending sore muscles and joint issues. When setting up a massage appointment, you may be wondering what the best kind of massage is so that you can schedule the right one. Essentially, there is no best kind of massage. Several massage treatment types work for varying reasons. The goal is to find the proper style that meets your treatment needs, then you have found the best kind of massage!


With this massage, you can expect to feel relaxed. A Swedish massage is a treatment that includes long and gentle strokes that will soothe the body. The goal of this treatment type is to improve circulation, and the therapist will not push too hard, so you will feel very little pain unless you are already sore.

Deep Tissue Massage

This option is more intense than a Swedish massage. This treatment is typically used by athletes but can also be used to target muscles or tendons in anyone who is experiencing pain. Stretches can be included to benefit this treatment type.

Hot Stone Massage

Another option is a hot stone massage. During this treatment, heated stones are placed on the body to increase the blood flow to the muscles. This treatment can be very relaxing and feel wonderful to a sore body. This is another gentle style massage that can be used to treat muscle issues or for relaxation.

When scheduling a massage, the point is to choose a treatment for your ailment needs. If you want to relax, go with a Swedish massage. If you're going to help sore muscles, deep tissue is the way to go. Speak to a massage therapist about your ailments to see what type will work best. At Academy Massage, several treatment types are on offer to ensure that you receive the right treatment for your needs.  Call us today to discuss your needs and book an appointment!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Do This One Thing to Find Success in Your Massage Therapy Career

The career of a massage therapist is one where you must be giving and attentive. A massage therapist works to heal individuals from a variety of conditions from muscle tightness to injury or just the simple need to relax. To be successful, you will need to learn the techniques and skills needed during training to know how to treat your patients. Individuals who excel in training should see success. There are several qualities that a massage therapist must possess to enjoy their career as well as be successful. However, to find the most success, there is one trait that is a must.

Learning to Listen

A successful massage therapist knows how to listen. Every client you will see will be different. No two individuals are the same. You will have to deal with varying personalities, treatment needs, body types, etc. By learning how to listen, you will know how to apply your skills and knowledge to treat each individual appropriately.

A massage therapist that does not listen will try to treat everyone the same. The force of the massage, as well as method used, will not vary and clients may complain. While one client may enjoy a deep tissue massage, another just wants to relax and not feel sore by the next day. By not listening to your clients, they do not feel special and will not receive the treatment they deserve.

Open Your Ears and Mind

It is important to listen to the needs and wants of every client. Create a checklist that clients will fill out when scheduling an appointment for the first time as well as during random visits. You want to be sure that you are hitting the spots that need attention as well as applying the right pressure and providing the essential healing that your client needs.

Don’t just skim over this information. Take note of everything your client says and make notes after the session. By being conscious of what your client wants, you will be able to treat them accordingly. Of course, you may think you know what a client needs and you may be right. However, you have to introduce such information slowly based on the personality of each client.

The goal is to listen to each client and treat them as an individual. Take into account their problem areas or wants and use your knowledge and skill to provide the best massage treatment. At Academy Massage, we listen to each of our clients to ensure the right treatment is provided for a happy and repeat client!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Here’s a Quick Way to Reduce Tightness in Your Hips

Tightness in the hips is not uncommon, especially if you have back issues. Your hip muscles can become tight over time and need to be loosened for you to move with ease as well as sit for long periods of time comfortably. With a series of stretches and massage work, you can feel better in no time.

Stretch Those Muscles

The tightness in the hip area involves the muscles in the back and lower leg. These muscles need to be stretched to loosen up and provide relief from the tight feeling. Take time to sit on the floor and begin simple stretching. Sit in a cross-legged position but instead of crossing your legs, place your feet together. Use gentle force from your hands and press the knee of one leg towards the floor while your legs are in the butterfly position. The outside hip muscle will be flexed which can help to loosen up the tightened muscle. Do this to both legs, adding more force as you can.

If you have a partner, have them assist in stretching your hip muscles. Lie down on the ground with one knee bent, with the foot flat on the ground. You will be stretching the side that hurts, both if you have trouble with both sides. Take the opposite leg and lay your knee towards the opposite side, with your leg bent. Your partner should take this knee and push down, stretching your leg across as it is bent. This stretches the outside hip muscle but in the opposite direction.

Massage Therapy

If stretching does not do the trick, consult with a massage therapist. With massage therapy, the tightness can gently be released over time. Your hip will feel better as you begin to relax when the therapist provides pressure in the hip area.

Academy Massage can provide hip massage therapy to reduce tightness as well as pain. Modern massage techniques are used to help the body heal from injury as well as muscle tightness.

For more information on stretches, visit our website or watch our stretching video on YouTube

Friday, September 15, 2017

What to Expect During Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage therapy is a massage treatment type that can be a beneficial part of prenatal care. Pregnant women can enjoy a healthy way to reduce stress as well as enjoy an overall wellness while with child. Massage treatments will relieve the common discomfort you feel when pregnant, such as backaches, leg cramps, stiff neck, and headaches. Stress is relieved on weight bearing joints as well as helping to encourage better circulation of blood and lymph nodes. Nervous tension is relieved which provides better sleep.

Many pregnant women do not understand how prenatal massage is possible due to the standard massage techniques. With a standard massage table, the individual lies on their stomach, which is not feasible due to a pregnant belly.  At Academy Massage, we use special prenatal pillows that are specially designed to alleviate many areas of discomfort, and accommodate the belly during pregnancy.  We find the pillows work better than a traditional prenatal massage table since they can be adjusted and customized to fit the individual receiving treatment.

Focus Areas

Depending on the individual patient’s needs, treatment can vary. It is important to discuss your pain areas or treatment needs with the therapist. Everyday symptoms such as headaches and muscle tension can be relieved if you discuss what your problem areas are with the therapist.

One focus area for many pregnant women is headaches. With massage focusing on the head, shoulders, and neck, headaches can be relieved. Stress levels can be controlled with trigger points relaxed to avoid any tension or migraine headaches.

Fatigue and cramps are common symptoms for pregnant women. Backaches, leg cramps, and swelling can also be relieved via several massage techniques. By discussing with your therapist which issues you face, the problem can be alleviated.

Muscle tension is a big problem with pregnant women as the baby creates extra weight and strain on the body. This tension can be reduced with pressure applied to certain areas to encourage blood flow. Nutrient-rich oxygen is produced in the body with the flow of lymphatic fluid increased. This will sweep away the toxins and metabolic waste in the body.

Enjoying Rest

Prenatal massage can ensure that your aches and pains are relieved and you will be able to enjoy a bit of rest. With regular therapy, you will be able to experience a better night’s sleep as your body is relieved of tension and stress. Discomfort will be relieved, and relaxation boosted. Overall, you will see an improvement in sleep patterns, where you will feel better and be able to enjoy your pregnancy instead of feeling uncomfortable all the time.

If you are still not at ease about prenatal massage, speak to a licensed therapist. You will be able to learn more about the techniques used so that you can feel better about scheduling an appointment. Once you have experienced a prenatal massage and the benefits, you will find your pregnancy is much more enjoyable, and you can focus on bringing your baby into the world instead of any pain, discomfort or stress you feel while pregnant.