Friday, December 9, 2016

How to Protect Your Spine from Injury

Your spine is a tender part of your body. It can easily become damaged or injured, even while doing regular, mundane activities. If you are worried that you may injure yourself, it is best to protect yourself from getting those injuries.

Here are a few ways that you can protect your spine and keep your body safer. 

Keep Your Core Muscles Strong

One of the best ways to protect your spine is to keep the core muscles of your body strong, especially as people age because these muscles naturally begin to weaken. Exercising them regularly helps keep your spine covered with a thick layer of muscle to protect it. You need the deep muscles of the back and abdominals to keep your back safe from pain and sprains, and need to focus on these muscles to give them a workout on a regular basis.

Use Your Back Properly

This is one tip that encompasses a lot of things that people do to injure their spine. Make sure you lift with your legs, not by bending over and potentially hurting your spine. Also, make sure you sit straight when you are seated to help protect your back from an injury that comes from a bad posture.

Stretch Daily Before Activity and Exercise

You want to make sure that you do not injure your back by trying to do too much with it. Make sure when you get up each morning, you stretch out. You should also fully stretch before you do any type of exercise. Your back is prone to injury if you try and move without it being warmed up and stretched out, so be careful!

When you feel back pain, it is often due to strained or torn muscles, and the inflammation can lead to back spasms. These can make moving difficult, and result in a lot of pain. When you get a lower back strain, it is typically one of these two types. First, it could be a muscle strain, which results from tearing or overstretching a muscle, damaging the muscle fibers. Second, it could be a lumbar sprain, which results from stretching or tearing a ligament in the back, causing the connection between the tissues and bones to become painfully inflamed.

If you notice that your back hurts, you should go in to Academy Massage and get a massage to help relax the muscles. They see many clients that suffer from both isolated and chronic back pain, who see relief over the course of a few weeks with regular visits. They will assist you in the healing process by increasing the proteins and blood nutrients that go to the afflicted area, allowing for the tissues to heal more quickly. For more information on keeping your spine protected, contact Academy Massage today!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Which Type of Massage Provides the Most Benefit?

Benefits of Getting a Deep Tissue Massage - Academy Massage - Massage Therapist WinnipegThere are many different types of massages. Some are used for specific ailments, such as migraines and asthma, and others are used for specific health conditions, such as a prenatal massage or one to help an athlete who is sore. Overall, however, there is one type of massage that tends to do the most good when used regularly, and that is a deep tissue massage.

Benefits of Getting a Deep Tissue Massage

When you get a deep tissue massage, it is meant to relieve tension within the muscles. The tension can come from overuse, from an injury or illness, or any number of other causes. A deep tissue massage pushes down below the top layer of muscle, and gets into the deeper layers, which is where the name came from.

Deep tissue massage helps the body on numerous levels. It can help break up scar tissue from injuries, decrease the pain and inflammation of arthritis, and it can help alleviate chronic pain from the patient. It has been shown to decrease high blood pressure, and to reduce stress and anxiety. Deep tissue massage also commonly helps increase an athlete’s overall performance, letting them stay at the top of their game even longer.

If you want to start adding a deep tissue massage to your routine, then find an experienced massage therapist in your area. At Academy Massage, you can get a deep tissue massage that can bring you relief from pain, as well as leave you more capable of performing your daily tasks. Give us a call today!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Using Massage Therapy to Boost Your Immunity

Using Massage Therapy to Boost Your Immunity - Academy Massage Winnipeg
Massages are not often thought of right away when you are trying to boost your immune system, but maybe they should be. They can help strengthen your body in a number of different ways. Before the cold and flu season is here in full force, you should consider going out to start a regular pattern of massages. This can help you fight off more that you may be exposed to, and get sick less this winter!

Massages Lower Stress Which Boosts Your Immune System

The connection between massages and your immune system have long been known, but not often been identified. Think about this. If you are under tons of stress, you are far more likely to get sick. Your immune system is required to work overtime to try and keep up when you are stressed, and is often stretched too thin to fight off normal viruses that would otherwise be easy to stay healthy from. If you go and start getting regular, routine massages, you can reduce your stress, and thus, reduce the workload your immune system is currently trying to manage.

Your White Blood Cells Are Also Affected During Massages

When you get sick, your body sends white blood cells to help. When you are stressed out, not exercising enough, or otherwise too busy to take care of your body, your white blood cells can become lethargic. By getting a massage, you can energize these cells and get them working harder to keep you healthy. They will more freely move around your body, which allows them to be more effective when any type of intruder gets introduced to your blood stream.
Your body also creates more cells that are known as killer cells when you get massages, and those cells seek out and kill the intruders that are not mean to be in your body. Plus, research has shown that when massage therapy is regularly sought out, even those with immune deficiencies are able to be healthier. This has proven to be effective at increasing serotonin levels, which directly impacts how responsive white blood cells are within the body.

Chronic Pain Goes Down with Massages, Too

On top of having a more effective immune system from getting regular massages, many types of chronic pain can also be decreased or eliminated. This can leave you feeling better overall, and allow your body to be more responsive when you are first exposed to any type of a virus or infection. If your pain is decreased, you are more readily able to notice new pain you feel, and you are going to be able to more effectively get treated for anything that you do come into contact with.

To get these benefits on top of the immediate benefits that massage is so well known for, consider calling a local massage therapist today. Academy Massage can help you start your sessions of massage therapy soon, and help you keep them regularly scheduled so you can get the long-term benefits, too.

Friday, October 28, 2016

What Makes for a Really Good Massage?

Massage Therapy Treatment - Academy Massage - Massage Therapist Winnipeg
When you want to get a massage, you want a really good massage that leaves you feeling relaxed and better off for having gone. The last thing you want is to go for a massage and come home in pain. So how are you supposed to know if you are going to get an excellent massage, especially if you are going somewhere for the first time? The best way to know if you are going to get a massage you are going to want to go back for seconds on is to check off this simple checklist.

When You Called to Schedule the Appointment, Did You Like the Person You Spoke With?
When you call to schedule an appointment, you need to be impressed. It doesn’t make sense to think that if you have a poor experience over the phone that your massage is going to be so amazing it will balance out any poor customer service. Take the time to find a place that talks with you and makes you feel impressed before you even show up.

Did They Speak With You About Injuries and What Hurts Before Starting?
You need to find someplace that is not only going to ask you what is wrong now but also ask about things that happened to your body in the past. Having a goal that resolves specific problems in a massage session is ideal for the person giving, and the person receiving the massage.

Does Your Massage Therapist Have the Experience to Know the Right Pressure Points and How Much to Use?
This is a big thing. Obviously, they need to know how to help you feel better by using the right pressure points. However, they also need to know where to push to release the tension being held on to by the muscles in question. They need to apply the right pressure to the right areas in order to help you. This takes the perfect combination of skill, practice, and experience.

Were You Instructed on How to Continue Feeling Better After Your Massage Was Over?
Helping to keep your body feeling great after a massage is part of a really good massage experience. You need to know what to do, and what to avoid, to help your body feel good for as long as possible. If these instructions were missing, then the potential of a really good massage is going to get knocked down a notch. You shouldn’t be worried about being told that an ice pack may feel good or prolong your relief after a massage. That is a standard part of the aftercare.

To find out more about how to get a massage experience that is going to last, then call Academy Massage. They will communicate with you from the very first encounter, and help work with you to find a deep level of relief. Come in and be impressed with everything that Academy Massage has to offer.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Keep Arthritis from Ruining Your Day By Doing This

Keep Arthritis from Ruining Your Day By Doing This - Academy Massage - Massage Therapist in Winnipeg
When arthritis starts before you even roll out of bed in the morning, it can make your entire day bad. Your pain can limit what you are able to get accomplished, and how much you can even enjoy your day. Instead of facing limitations, consider these helpful hints to reduce your pain and get on with your day.

Get a Massage

Massages help decrease inflammation and boost your endorphins. That allows you to feel less pain and get more done throughout the day. You can ask a loved one to massage whatever joint hurts, or for more effective relief, you can get regular massages 2-3 times each week.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is when your body heals. If you have inflammation from arthritis around your body, sleep will help it go down naturally. Do your best to cater to your sleep at night, so it can help you have good days. Get a comfortable mattress, sleep in a position that doesn’t hurt, and make sure you are in bed long enough each night to get a solid eight hours of actual sleep.

Take Time Each Day to Stretch

Staying active may be the last thing you want to do when arthritis is rearing its ugly head, but it should be the first thing you turn to most days. The more active you stay, the better your body is able to handle pain and keep joints loosened up. Stretching and low-impact exercises can keep your body feeling better.

If you want more tips on keeping arthritis at bay, call on Academy Massage today!