Friday, January 20, 2017

How You Know It's Time to Go for A Massage

How You Know It's Time to Go for A Massage - Academy Massage - Massage Therapist Winnipeg
With the new year upon us, it is time to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves. After all, nearly 1/3 of all resolutions made on New Year’s involved getting healthy in some form. If you are trying to feel better and live a life that allows you to get the most out of it, then you need to consider taking care of yourself from all angles. One of the most overlooked ways of taking care of yourself is through massage. It gives your body so many benefits that it should be something we all strive to get regularly.

Signs Your Body Really Needs a Massage

The most obvious sign that you need a massage is that you hurt. This can be pain in your shoulders, neck, back, hips, or nearly anywhere on your body. The pain that doesn’t go away naturally can often be remedied, or at least minimized, by getting a massage on a regular basis. Tightness of large muscles, or a limitation on your life due to muscle pain, should point you in the direction of getting a massage.

Another sign that you need a massage is the occurrence of tension headaches. Typically, when the larger muscle groups in the upper half of your body are getting tight, it leads to a tension buildup. This leads to you getting tension headaches which can be difficult to get rid of. Getting a massage allows those muscles to relax, and it allows the tension to be released from your body instead of building up and causing additional pain.

When you become limited in how much each joint can move, that is a very good sign that you could benefit from a massage. Losing your normal range of motion can limit your quality of life, plus it can increase your stress. As soon as you notice that you are losing the ability to move like you normally would, you need to go in and get a massage. The sooner you get the problem addressed, the less range of motion you are bound to lose, and the sooner you are bound to feel better.

Massages Allow Your Body to Relax

Getting a massage provides stress relief and pain relief, among other benefits. The more often you make a massage a regular part of your routine, the more benefits you get out of the practice as a whole. You should be going in once every 1-2 weeks to get the pain under control. Then, once you can keep your pain controlled, you should be going in 1-2 times per month to maintain your range of movement and keep the pain down.

When you get regular maintaining massages, you will find that your body responds in many positive ways. You will feel better, sleep better, stay calmer, and typically get sick less often. To schedule a massage with Academy Massage today, give us a call. We can help get you feeling better, and help you stay that way.

Friday, January 13, 2017

What You Really Need to Know About Steam Rooms

What You Really Need to Know About Steam Rooms - Academy Massage - Massage Therapist Winnipeg
Have you been thinking about visiting a steam room? However, before you do, you want to make sure it is going to be beneficial, right? Well, luckily for you, there are quite a few benefits of going and visiting steam rooms. Whether you are trying to feel better from a stiff back, or want to simply relax, steam rooms are a great option.

Why You Want to Go and Visit a Steam Room

  1. You will be able to relieve your body of tension. The warmth lets your body relax, and this lets your tension just melt away. 
  2. The steam removes impurities from your skin. This means that not only do you feel better when you come out, but you look better, too!
  3. Sweating takes toxins out of your body. Simply spending 20 minutes in a steam room can remove a whole day’s worth of toxins from your system, leaving you healthier. 
  4. You have better blood flow when in a steam room. During exposure to the heat, your capillaries open up, allowing for better blood flow and increased healing. 
  5. Sitting in a steam room can help alleviate pain. When you sit in a hot and steamy room, your body releases endorphins. This can reduce the pain you feel from both the daily grind and even from injuries. 

If you want to get a chance to feel better, look better, and stay healthier, then go in and check out a steam room. If your body is still achy when you leave the steam room, give us a call at Academy Massage, and let us help work the rest of the kinks out!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fitness Trends to Watch for This Coming Year

Fitness Trends to Watch for This Coming Year - Academy Massage - Winnipeg Massage
2017 is going to ring in the next round of New Year’s resolutions, which inevitably will bring about some people’s desires to get healthier. If you plan on making the resolution to get in better shape and take better care of your body, it is important to know what options you have. Here are some of the trends you should be expecting to be huge during 2017. Which do you think is going to be the most fun?

Boxing is Huge

One of the biggest fitness trends to reemerge recently is boxing. There are studios popping up all around the world. It’s a great cardio workout, and gets your whole body fitter. If you haven’t tried it before, 2017 is the perfect time!

Dancing Cardio is Great for Your Body

If you want to get your entire body active, and have fun at the same time, try dance cardio. You can have fun, look silly, and learn how to move, all in one workout. Plus, you will be doing it with others who want to get fit, just like you, so you can feel empowered as a group!

Live Streaming Fitness Classes

With the advent of live-streaming everything, in comes the newest trend of fitness classes. This means that no matter where you are located, and no matter what type of fitness routine you want to try, you can be a part of a class that is going on live. Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

For more information on keeping your body healthy, come in and speak with the experienced professionals here at Academy Massage. We can help you get healthy, and not suffer the normal aches and pains that go along with starting a new exercise routine!

Friday, December 9, 2016

How to Protect Your Spine from Injury

Your spine is a tender part of your body. It can easily become damaged or injured, even while doing regular, mundane activities. If you are worried that you may injure yourself, it is best to protect yourself from getting those injuries.

Here are a few ways that you can protect your spine and keep your body safer. 

Keep Your Core Muscles Strong

One of the best ways to protect your spine is to keep the core muscles of your body strong, especially as people age because these muscles naturally begin to weaken. Exercising them regularly helps keep your spine covered with a thick layer of muscle to protect it. You need the deep muscles of the back and abdominals to keep your back safe from pain and sprains, and need to focus on these muscles to give them a workout on a regular basis.

Use Your Back Properly

This is one tip that encompasses a lot of things that people do to injure their spine. Make sure you lift with your legs, not by bending over and potentially hurting your spine. Also, make sure you sit straight when you are seated to help protect your back from an injury that comes from a bad posture.

Stretch Daily Before Activity and Exercise

You want to make sure that you do not injure your back by trying to do too much with it. Make sure when you get up each morning, you stretch out. You should also fully stretch before you do any type of exercise. Your back is prone to injury if you try and move without it being warmed up and stretched out, so be careful!

When you feel back pain, it is often due to strained or torn muscles, and the inflammation can lead to back spasms. These can make moving difficult, and result in a lot of pain. When you get a lower back strain, it is typically one of these two types. First, it could be a muscle strain, which results from tearing or overstretching a muscle, damaging the muscle fibers. Second, it could be a lumbar sprain, which results from stretching or tearing a ligament in the back, causing the connection between the tissues and bones to become painfully inflamed.

If you notice that your back hurts, you should go in to Academy Massage and get a massage to help relax the muscles. They see many clients that suffer from both isolated and chronic back pain, who see relief over the course of a few weeks with regular visits. They will assist you in the healing process by increasing the proteins and blood nutrients that go to the afflicted area, allowing for the tissues to heal more quickly. For more information on keeping your spine protected, contact Academy Massage today!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Which Type of Massage Provides the Most Benefit?

Benefits of Getting a Deep Tissue Massage - Academy Massage - Massage Therapist WinnipegThere are many different types of massages. Some are used for specific ailments, such as migraines and asthma, and others are used for specific health conditions, such as a prenatal massage or one to help an athlete who is sore. Overall, however, there is one type of massage that tends to do the most good when used regularly, and that is a deep tissue massage.

Benefits of Getting a Deep Tissue Massage

When you get a deep tissue massage, it is meant to relieve tension within the muscles. The tension can come from overuse, from an injury or illness, or any number of other causes. A deep tissue massage pushes down below the top layer of muscle, and gets into the deeper layers, which is where the name came from.

Deep tissue massage helps the body on numerous levels. It can help break up scar tissue from injuries, decrease the pain and inflammation of arthritis, and it can help alleviate chronic pain from the patient. It has been shown to decrease high blood pressure, and to reduce stress and anxiety. Deep tissue massage also commonly helps increase an athlete’s overall performance, letting them stay at the top of their game even longer.

If you want to start adding a deep tissue massage to your routine, then find an experienced massage therapist in your area. At Academy Massage, you can get a deep tissue massage that can bring you relief from pain, as well as leave you more capable of performing your daily tasks. Give us a call today!